The Workshops

The Fun Side of the Rosewood

The Rosewood is all about enjoying the peace and relaxation from a quiet country setting. Moments at the Rosewood, on the Rosewood’s first floor, are a bit more active. Moments are the special times we have with friends and family. It is the place to share and meet others. We have food, activities and fun things to do. Come and join Moments at one of our activities in the most beautiful garden in Bradford, NH.

Murder Mystery Weekend

Wizard Games Murder Mystery

Inspired by the magical world of Harry Potter, calling all Wizards for an adventure in wizardry school. Every house is celebrating! Parties everywhere as the House Cup has been claimed. Tonight, there will be laughter, dance, food, magic, gossip and there will be… murder! How can something so fun go so wrong? Are you ready to take the challenge and find out who did it?


Shortened experience: $80.00

May 14, 2022. Saturday 5:00 pm until about 9 pm.

You will have the main event for Saturday from 5 pm until ~10 pm. We do not have any actors. YOU WILL BE A CHARACTER, can have a costume and be part through the entire murder. You will know as much information for the murder as every player taking the full experience or the shortened one.


Full Experience: $170.00

May 13-15, 2022

You will have a get together on Friday night. You will be able to meet some of the players and also have a group game to know the other players. The event is theme related but there will be no clues to the murder at that time so nobody will be missing anything. On Saturday everyone will have lunch and another team building event. Some crafty game that will match the theme. Again, no clues will be given. It will all be some fun time with your new friends. By 5 pm everyone will show their costumes and for the next few hours each one will be a character.


One of you might be a victim, and one of you might be the murderer and everyone will need to find who did it.


Come and join us and have a fun time. We need all sign ups by April 30 as YOU will be a character. Once registration ends characters will be assigned and there will not be any last minute players.

Address at Rosewood Country Inn, 67 Pleasant View Rd, Bradford, NH 03221. 603.938.5253


Basil leaves
Murder Mystery inspired by Harry Potter