Mole poblano

Jack of all trades

Odo Barron's Story

Not sure how things started but somehow, this started with my dad. My father was an electrical engineer and worked all his life as a manager at the Mexican power company. He loved food, but he could not cook if his life depended on it. In comes my mom, and she learned to cook all the delicious Mexican dishes my father loved. So you would wonder where did the restaurant come into play? That is the odd part. Somehow my dad, the engineer, always told my brothers and me how great it would be to have a restaurant, all along encouraging us to learn engineering. Engineering, food. There is room for one more thing.

I lived most of my professional life with computers, but I still had a restaurant in scope after Stan and I started the Inn. 40 years of my dad hinting for a restaurant and 5 years to build and get it going, but this is for my father, the engineer that loved food. This is also for my mother too, who learned to do so many dishes for my father. Her favorite phrase and secret for cooking is to “sazonar” the food. I did so much “sazonar”, I finally figured out what she meant. Yes, food tastes better.

I hope to introduce some of the Mexican food I grew up with and my mother cooked for my dad. We have so much delicious Mexican food, and it is not only tacos. You also do not have to worry about me. My mom loves spicy food; I do not. I love flavor and when I cook, I bring in the smells, colors, and taste that will call your attention.


Stan Ovrevik's Story

In my previous life (before being an innkeeper), I had the privilege of being able to travel the world.  One of the elements of traveling that always set the various destinations apart to me was the various cuisines.

Hong Kong was street food in Kowloon and dim sum in Stanley on a floating restaurant.  Peru was the base of the mountain going up to Machu Picchu and ceviche for lunch.  In France, the memory of accidentally ordering frogs legs (my French is horrible) at the restaurant in a small hotel in the Loire valley.

Ultimately, I loved trying different things that the various chefs could “bring to the table” in the various destinations.  Now Odo and I are fortunate enough to have found a chef whose imagination is equally as big as our own.  We are happy to explore his range and throw in a few things from our own experience from time to time as well.  We hope you enjoy your culinary travels with us!

Stan Ovrevik