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Limited Edition

Please notice we are changing our format

We are going on a Supper Club style with a pop up dinner experience. What does that mean? Every week we are going to feature a main dish that creates a different experience. It will be complete with sides and all details so you can decide if you want it before reserving. We do have a alternative option (Chicken Veloute) in case you don’t want the week’s offer. Reservations will still be encouraged.

Why are we doing it? The new style gives us a creative outlet. Instead of doing a multitude of menu dishes in a restaurant that run for months, we are doing short run menus that will showcase new dishes. Think of this as an experimental cuisine. We are not tied up to a style but we are open to explore and change dishes each week. That will allow Moments extra versatility.

Stay tuned for every week’s special entry.

Rosewood Bread



Rosewood Bread

Garlic butter brushed ciabatta, grilled then topped with cheddar, jack and bleu cheeses and oven roasted until it is melty cheesy goodness.


European and domestic cheese board

With charcuterie from local farms served with spicy mustard, fig jam and fruit garnish.


Shrimp Casino

A delectable combination of Shrimp, cheeses, spice and lemon served with chips.



The Main Meal


Mediterranean Haddock

Week's selection: Baked haddock prepared in an olive oil, tomato, lemon, caper and onion sauce. A sundrenched explosion of flavor.


Chicken Velouté

Alternative Dinner: Baked chicken breast prepared in a velvety sauce.


*Both entrees come with 2 sides to choose from between salad, starch and vegetable of the week

On the side


2 sides included with most meals

Please ask your server for week's selections

Additional sides are:



For the Little ones

Kids menu

*All entrees come with 1 side

Quesadillas de 3 quesos

Three cheeses melted between crispy tortillas.


The sweet side of the Rosewood

Home made desserts every week

Our Desserts Menu changes every week and is only visible in our restaurant. You never know what tasty treats will Lynn be making this week. Ask us about it when you arrive.



Reserve A Table

Please notice our menu has changed to a Supper Club style with a pop up dinner experience. One item for this week only. This is an adventure on itself!

For your everyday dining pleasure. Thursday to Saturday reservations, 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Sunday brunch reservations available from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Since our restaurant just opened, we are having a lot of requests. To avoid disappointment, reservations are strongly encouraged. Please wait for a verification email before we confirm your reservation.