Moments that make life memorable

Our initial spinoff was opening our first restaurant. With a combined 40+ years, our staff creates mouth-watering cuisine in our restaurant. Our desserts are the talk of the town, and our unique dishes are a combination of Mexican, Tex-Mex, Southern cuisine and New England influences.

No reservation needed

Thursdays at the Inn

No reservations required for these events.


First Thursday of the month: “Parent’s Day Out”. Bring your kids for dinner. You will have dinner in the main dining room while your kids will be playing games and having dinner with other kids. No reservation needed but we do need the know # of kids attending. 

2nd Thursday of the month “Taco Thursday”. Outside in our yard on lovely days.

3rd Thursday of the month “Karaoke”. It will be a blast. Inside the dining room. Have dinner and have a great time.

4th Thursday of the month “Taco Thursday”. Outside in our yard on lovely days.

Reservations are not necessary on Thursdays.



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The Dining room

Dinner at the Rosewood

What is our style?

Think of us as an Upscale Country Style. In the peace and quiet of Bradford, NH, all you find is complete relaxation. 

We offer good food, reasonably priced. Our dining room is beautiful and has a spectacular view of our gazebo and gardens. We are also adding sitting benches for outside dining.

Anyone can reserve the dining room for private events, or we have a private room that can be used for a small group, very close to the main dining room and adjacent to all amenities the main dining room has.

Restaurant Schedule

Thursdays to Saturday

4:00 pm tp 9:00 pm

Sunday brunch

9:00 am – 12:00 pm

In this confusing world we currently have, reservations are encouraged to avoid disappointment. Please wait for a verification email before we confirm your reservation.

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The Services

Moments can do your catering

This is not just about food. This is about the family, friends, and memories that make those moments unique. Moments offers the place and the food; the memories come from you.

Catering is personal for us. We know there is no one size fits all. We praise our team for the combined experience and freedom they have to experiment with dishes to create a unique experience for our guests.


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Kitchen opening by chamber of commerce
The fun

Moments offers fun workshops

For the last six years, the Rosewood has been creating a variety of workshops for both adults and children of all ages. Now transferred to a new name, Moments will continue doing the same fun activities as well as new ones as we are hoping to expand our offering to children.

Check our Square website for events, dates and prices and sign up for your favorite one. The attached link will point you to our external website, where you can get more details and reserve a spot.


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Have you done something crazy lately?

The Story

This is a story that started 40 years ago. A man’s dream to have a restaurant… and I never knew why.

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Since our restaurant just opened, we are having a lot of requests. To avoid disappointment, reservations are encouraged. Please wait for a verification email before we confirm your reservation.